If you are interested in starting a project together,
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I am a Vancouver based graphic designer and I am passionate about creating meaningful graphic and digital solutions for web, mobile and print media.

I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University, where I attended the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. I majored in interactive arts and technology with concentrations in design, media arts and interactive systems. I also minored in communications publishing, for both traditional print and digital media. I love tackling design challenges where I can apply my theory and technical skills to shape memorable interactive experiences.

I have several years of design experience utilizing various programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CAD and 3D modelling programs. I have very comfortable creating professional quality presentation in powerpoint presentations. I also have experience in video production, sound design, media relations and marketing. I am code savvy with working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JS, Processing, Jquery and CMS.

During my free time, I enjoy a varying array of hands-on activities; crafting, crocheting, modelling 3D figurines and tinkering with wearable technologies powered by arduino x android.