Ara Pacis Scale Model

Ara Pacis Museum

3D Scale Model

As part of precedent study for a second year spatial design class, IAT 233, we created a 3D scale model of the Ara Pacis Museum by Richard Meier. This assignment was no easy feet and involved a lot of research. This exercise allowed us to feel the weight and depth of the space where in a digital environment space can be limitless. Working within a team of four, we had to rely heavily on publish articles and photographs to recreate this scale model. We were given a 6 day timeframe to construct this model on top of our normal university course load.

Spatial Precedent Study
IAT 233: Spatial design
Simon Fraser University

Jennifer Lui, Scott Inglis,
Alex Chan & Colin Sharpe

3D modelling, Scale People, Textures, Renders, Presentation
Cinema 4D/ Photoshop/ Illustrator/ Powerpoint
4 days