BKB: Promotional Poster

Brooklyn Bound

Promotional Flyers

This poster was created to promote and existing magazine, Brooklyn Bound, to inform their audience that their issues are available in both web PDF and printed media.

I chose to include a brief introduction to the heart of the magazine to inform viewers that are not familiar with the magazine, as well as to encourage curiosity for new and potential readers. The black cover art contrasts the white open spread, and the thick bold type leads the viewer’s eye across the poster. I added a horizontal rule to unite the to pages from left to right and lead the views eye downwards. I wanted to remain consistent and true to the branding by using clear bold text for impact and shades of grey. I drew emphasis on specific parts of the poster the through the use of bold colours (blue and magenta), and to create visual hierarchy.

Publication Poster Design
PUB 330: Design for Publication
Simon Fraser University

Photoshop/ Illustrator