Japanese Tea Room

Japanese Tea Room

Environmental Design

This mini project features my very first attempt at 3D modelling an environment using Maya. This class assignment focused on creating a series of renders of a photorealistic scene. I challenged myself by keeping the working time under 3 hours. I worked with simple solid and semi-transparent shaders for the furniture and items, and subtle patterns were applied to the floor, outside walkway and rice paper screens.

I rendered the scene using raycasting and global illumination settings. One of the challenges I faced with this first attempt related to creating the lantern. I wanted to create a lantern with semi-opaque glass that would give off a warm glow. I dropped a omni light source inside the lantern and I played around with several transparency settings. I am very pleased with the end result.

Promotional poster
IAT: 445 – 3D modelLing and animation
Simon Fraser University

Maya/ Photoshop