Creative Thinking Exercise


During a recent job interview, I was asked to come up with a creative product solution for a company. The task was to come up with a travel themed product the company could handout as promotional gifts. This product also had to incorporate a penguin, the program’s mascot, into the design. Some examples: luggage tags, passport holders, reusable bags, etc.

With those outlines in mind, I wanted to come up with something original and slightly out of the box. I knew I wanted to avoid simply slapping the mascot and logo on an every day item, like an umbrella or backpack. Given a very short time frame of 5-10 minutes, I was able to come up with a product that combined travel comfort with convenience.

Conceptual Sketch:
I was given 5 minutes to create a rough sketch to visually communicate my idea. Drawing skills are not my strong point, but I make due with what I have. I was then given 2-4 minutes to pitch the idea and rationale behind my proposed product to my interviewers.

Rationale: Travel comfort and convenience are two terms that should go hand in hand. Neck pillows are a marvellous accessory for any long haul flight. A traveller arrives at their tropical destination, but is met with rain upon landing. A rain jacket is not always on top of the carry on list when preparing for a sun soaked vacation. Fortunately for them, a thin emergency rain jacket is tucked stowed conveniently within a zipped compartment of their neck pillow. This cloak can also double as a water proof barrier for their luggage if the traveller already has a jacket on hand.

Concept Artwork:
Following my initial interview, my next step was to create concept artwork to forward on to the potential client. I illustrated simple infographics to convey the combined use of the item. These images where created in illustrator. [As shown above]

Rough 3D Mockup:
Lastly was a rough 3D mockup of the product. I was told some potential clients have a hard time grasping a product when only represented through 2D drawings. I quickly mocked up a 3D render of the purposed item to show the potential client to aid in the product pitch. These renders would also be made to forward to the manufacturing company. Four isometric views are provided to the right.

Interview Exercise
5 minutes.
30 minutes
Illustrator, Maya