Pinhole Camera DIY

Pinhole Camera

Exploring Remix: Analog x Digital

An intermediate level investigation of interactivity explored through media, in the context of current display technologies relevant to Interactive Arts and Design. Through this exploratory exercise, I remixed analog media with digital media. I wanted to recreate an immersive sensory experience through the persepctive view of a pinhole camera.

Analog x Digital
AT 443: Interactive Video
Simon Fraser University

Processing/ Audacity/ Photoshop/ Illustrator

Using Processing, I combined the photographs with the recorded audio to recreate the immersive experience of a photowalk through Gastown.

As we walk down the street, we are bombarded by various sensory stimuli; sights, sounds, smells, and touch. In this situation, the audio feedback acts as distraction and distorts the visuals. The act of stopping to take a photograph focuses your attention on the sense of sight. The act of taking the picture is mimiced by the click of the mouse, and images become clear.